Redneck Island

Rednecks are put on an island to compete for a cash money prize.

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 6.1

Season 1 - Redneck Island
"A new redneck in peak physical condition arrives on the island, challenging established relationships. Already tired of canned food, the contestants decide to hunt for an alternate protein source - lizard!"
"As the castaway rednecks hunt for jungle veggies, they learn they shouldn't search for food in the area that used to be the latrine. They don't have a lot more luck on the fishing front but manage to make a surprising catch at sea. Mistakes during the challenge put a popular team member on the chopping block."
"With one team dominating, Steve Austin makes a surprise announcement that makes tensions run high on the island. The rednecks are excited about the arrival of some new critters in the camp and must decide where they fall on the food chain."
"Redneck Island explodes with excitement when a crate of heavenly ice-cold beer washes up on shore. The party is short-lived, however, when Steve Austin informs them he has alternate plans for their precious beverage. An unexpected injury causes a contestant to make a big mistake that affects his whole team."
"The remaining rednecks decide to liven up camp life by pulling pranks on each other, building a waterslide and giving some of the guys their first pedicures. All the primping and fun stops when one team loses the challenge and a contestant is forced to pick between two friends when deciding who is the next to go home."
"The lines in the sand between the orange and blue teams are erased when Steve Austin makes a surprise visit to camp and announces a major shift in the competition. Contestants will now be competing individually instead of as teams from here on out, and one person is willing to go further than everyone else to win the $100,000."
"It is down to the final five. After a day of bowling and fishing, a sharp-shooting challenge makes one contestant safe from elimination, while putting two others on the firing line."
"With only four contestants remaining, alliances will be put to the ultimate test. Meanwhile, contestants literally sink their teeth into their next challenge -- an eating contest. However, the exotic fare proves challenging to stomach in more ways than one."
"The final three contestants face their last series of challenges, as only two will battle it out to decide the winner of Redneck Island and the $100,000 grand prize."
Season 2 - Redneck Island
"Fourteen rednecks descend on Steve Austin's tropical island for their chance to compete for $100,000. The Southerners think they're on easy street when they see that living conditions are better than expected but soon realize the competition is tougher this time around when they get to their first challenge -- a game of human cornhole. There's nothing easy about being launched 20 feet into the air and trying to land your body in the center of a cornhole board."
"After a slip sliding good time trying to win a bounty of coveted food, tensions run high when a couple of rednecks get into a fight over their booty. And after a deep sea \"fishing\" themed competition that simultaneously tests their physical and mental strengths, one of the rednecks on the losing team is sent packing."
"Tensions run high with the hut-bound rednecks as a tropical storm rips through the island, but a surprise visit from Steve for a game of beer pong helps calm their angst and fill their bellies with some much wanted snack food. Once the sun shines again, the guys and gals have to grin and bear it in a challenge that tests their guts -- literally. And one person that has left a bad taste in their teammates mouths is bid a not so fond farewell."
"With the Blue Collar Brawlers on a hot streak, Southern Thunder has to figure out a way to get back into the game before it's too late. An invitation from Steve to a redneck tea party gives everyone an opportunity to win some treats from home, but the price of comfort proves to be too high for many."
"The top 10 rednecks endure painful shocks to their systems in order to fill their deflated bellies. And after a night of food-filled fun, the celebration comes to a screeching halt as one redneck drops the ball, causing an all-out battle of the sexes to begin."
"As the population continues to shrink, the remaining stir-crazy rednecks set their sights on some basic needs. But after aiming high, they head back to camp leaving much to be desired. A new day means a new shot at victory and after swinging and missing at this week's challenge, one team's surprise vote sends an unsuspecting redneck packing earlier than expected."
"An unexpected visit to Steve's place unveils a shocking twist that leaves the rednecks scrambling for answers. And in an ass-hauling competition, it is every man for himself as the rednecks race to stay in the game."
"A pair of alliance-mates find themselves in serious danger coming off of a surprise betrayal and look to improve their standing in the game. Steve offers the final six the opportunity to upgrade their camp, but they'll have to earn it by jogging their memories. With a one in five opportunity to win $100,000 on the line, the rednecks face a challenge that tests just how badly they want to win."
"The final five get down and dirty in order to win food items and make it one step closer to the $100,000 grand prize. Steve visits the camp and takes the rednecks on a trip down memory lane. Unfortunately for one redneck, their final memories of the island will be of backstabbing and betrayal."
"The final four rednecks look forward to making a run for the hundred grand and are shocked to find one of them being eliminated in a good old-fashioned shoot out right before getting that chance. After a nice dinner with a few surprise guests, the final three rednecks take to the mud for an imposing obstacle course, the only thing standing between them and the grand prize of $100,000."
Season 3 - Redneck Island
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Season 4 - Redneck Island
"Twenty four wild Southerners descend upon a picturesque lake house in Georgia with fire in their guts for the chance to win $100,000. But, only one team will split the payday. To survive the competition, they'll have to deal with intense challenges and, most of all, each other."
"Bullets fly as the rednecks shoot their way through another difficult challenge. As a new power couple emerges in the game, another team's new romance is put in jeopardy as they face elimination in The Pit."
"The rednecks face their fears when a challenge takes them to new heights; a newly formed team struggle to work together both on and off the playing field."
"An action-packed challenge sends the teams flying and lands one player in the hospital. Margaret continues to alienate the rest of the house while Cowboy and Cody almost come to blows."
"The contestants hold on for dear life in next episode's challenge. With $100,000 on the line, they'll do anything to stay."
"Cowboy confesses his love to Margaret. Cowboy and Tank pull a prank on the house, but it isn't well received. The contestants must chow down on some interesting Southern food that's hard for even them to swallow."
"The pressures of the game are getting to a few contestants, and a wild night out causes tempers to flare. This week's challenge proves to be too much for two of the players to handle."
"Tensions boil over as a relationship continues to create friction in the house. The contestants must prove they have brains and brawn as the latest challenge puts them to the test. And, a shocking upset at the Pit sends a powerful team packing."
"The final four teams plot to take out whoever stands in their way of making it to the end. At the challenge, the contestants put it all on the line as they overcome all obstacles that stand in their way of a spot in the finale."
"It's the day they've all been waiting as the final three teams battle in an epic race of strength, intelligence and endurance. Only one team will prevail and claim the $100,000 prize."
Season 5 - Redneck Island
"The game is turned on its head as one player quits the competition and another is seriously injured; the challenge turns physical as the teams fight to stay afloat."
"The players must rise to the occasion as a daunting challenge pushes their limits to new heights; one of the veterans gets life-changing news from home; a powerful new alliance forms that changes the course of the game."
"A budding romance between two teammates complicates their future in the game; a challenge forces the competitors to put their brains as well as their brawn to the test."
"The power continues to shift in the game, raising the stakes to a new high as the teams brawl it out at the challenge; old romantic flames reignite between Margaret and Josh."
"A wild night of fun leads to chaos when the party gets out of hand; a tough Pit decision threatens to tear friendships apart."
"With the end and the money in sight, tensions are high and friendships are tested as the competitors plot to stay in the game."
"With the finale just one challenge away, it's down to the wire and one small misstep may cost a team a shot at $100,000; emotions are high as it is all comes down to the last Pit; the final three teams are revealed."