Bad Girls Club

A group of rebellious women are put in a house together in an experiment intended to moderate their behavior.

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: 44 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2006

IMDb: 4.7

Season 1 - Bad Girls Club
"Debut: Bonding and bickering occur when a group of self-proclaimed \u201cbad girls\u201d share a house in Los Angeles in this reality series from the executive producers of \u201cThe Real World.\u201d First up: Seven single women, ages 22-31, settle into their posh new digs and start to get to know each other."
"Leslie gets into a shouting match with Jodie during their first night out on the town; Zara and Ripsi bond while boozing it up, and try yoga...while very intoxicated."
"Where the last episode left off, Ripsi's temper gets her into big trouble as she unleashes her drunken anger on an unsuspecting Kerry and Jodie. The roommates meet about Ripsi's departure, as the show ends with a cliffhanger."
"The others make a decision about Ripsi's future in the Bad Girls house; While Kerry attempts to make time with an attractive pool boy right after her boyfriend leaves, Ripsi's stay in the house comes to a premature end."
"While Kerry tries to get David's forgiveness, she becomes closer to Jodie. In the meantime Zara steps on some toes, and appears to have no regards for her boyfriend's feelings as she quests after Tomik."
"When a new roommate (DeAnn) arrives, she instantly makes friends with everyone except Aimee; Even though her boyfriend is ready and waiting for her back home, Zara persists in hooking up with Tomik behind his back."
"Arguing between Tomik and Aimee upsets Zara, but what she finds even more troubling is Aimee's claim that Tomik has a wandering eye. Meanwhile, Jodie becomes very interested in a cute guy."
"When Zara makes a racially-insensitive comment, she manages to find herself on Leslie's bad side; Leslie calls Ty fake for forgiving Zara so quickly."
"DeAnn, Kerry, Jodie, and Zara all decide to go on a camping trip, where both DeAnn and Kerry intend to pull a few \"playful\" pranks upon an unsuspectful Jodie. Meanwhile, back at the house, Ty continues to face troubled waters in her unsteady relationship with her boyfriend, Juan."
"Ty and Leslie engage in a boozy night out and return home to a mightily irked Aimee. Later, bad blood boils between Ty and Aimee, who make waves during a beach excursion, ultimately ending Ty's stay in the house. Elsewhere, being home alone gives Jodie and Zara an opportunity to lay bare their sexy and silly sides."
"As Leslie tries to cope with her feelings of loneliness after Ty leaves the house, she contemplates whether or not she should do the same."
"DeAnn makes a pivotal decision, after she enters into a tryst with Pool Boy Steve. In the meantime, Zara looks for revenge against Tomik once his romantic interest in her fades."
"When Zara lets Kerry know that Aimee has been insulting her, not only do the claws come out, it also escalates the feud between Aimee and Zara."
"Jodie is scolded after she poses in front of religious paintings during a photo shoot; In the meantime, things get eerie when the girls think the house is haunted."
"Leslie seeks to leave the world of exotic dancing; Zara's wild antics disrupt her roommates' lives; Leslie's is unsure about her future in the house and ultimately decides to leave."
"While a shocking surprise arrives the girls way, Kerry encounters a music producer and a chance of a lifetime. In the meantime, after her boyfriend makes a surprise visit, Zara confesses her sextracurricular activities to him. New roommates Joanna and Andrea enter the house."
"At a runway show, Jodie receives a modeling opportunity, and she is driven to show that it is not essential to be ultra-thin to succeed. In the meantime tensions rise between the new and old roommates when Joanna and Andrea arrive."
"After Zara ditches Aimee at the club, and takes part in trashing the house, the other girls in the house become fed up with Zara's behavior."
"In DeAnn's case a kiss is not just a kiss, particularly when Steve kisses another woman, which painfully ends their relationship."
"It appears that all the girls are pitted against Jodie, as wall-to-wall drama in the house escalates. On another note, by traveling to Nashville Kerry attempts to tune up her music career. Jodie decides to leave the house prematurely."
"Before the roommates attempt to reconcile broken friendships as they anticipate their exit from the house, a flirty Zara rarifies the girls' attempt to stage a charity fund-raising event."
"All the women through out the season return to the house and get together with a psychologist to analyze their past behavior, which doesn't sit well with Ty and Aimee. Also: Ripsi asks for Kerry's forgiveness."
"Aimee, Ty, Zara, Leslie, & Ripsi showcase highlights and unseen footage from the first season; three of the housemates prepare to leave for the Bad Girls Road Trip."
Season 2 - Bad Girls Club
"Seven all new \u201cbad girls\u201d swarm in on Los Angeles and try to coexist with one another in the same luxurious abode. But the battle lines are drawn when they realize there aren't enough freebies to share."
"After two distinguishable competing groups start to take form, the women cool down their malicious spitefulness when a studly local man arrives."
"The women dish on one another---literally---when tensions between Neveen and Darlen boil over, resulting in a fierce food fight."
"As Lyric tries to hit all the right notes in her pursuit of music-industry success, the other \"bad girls\" seemingly find some harmony of their own."
"Tanisha continually puts Cordelia down, but things become more tense when Cordelia regains her confidence."
"A battle rages as two household groups, the Hyenas and the Party Girls, start playing pranks on each other. Meanwhile, Cordelia's flirting with another man are causing issues with her fianc\u00e9."
"A flood of foul pranks ensues when two bad girl factions battle for household control. When songstress Lyric returns she is appalled by all of the off-note behavior."
"Tanisha and Jennavecia clash over juice. The drama gets juicier when the roomies' juvenile escapades exasperate Lyric, who decides to leave the house."
"To help her cope with a shattered romance, Cordelia hits the bottle. In the meantime, the other \"bad girls\" offer support to Darlen as her drinking intensifies."
"Tanisha and Jennavecia use pranks to climb their way to the top. Darlen contemplates her status in the Party Girls after having received a sobriety award."
"Tanisha and Jennavecia take responsibility for their actions. Meanwhile, Cordelia is fed up with Scott and worries that dumping Taylor was a mistake."
"An eruptive conflict revolves around Jennavecia, as Darlen considers turning to the other clique. Meanwhile, the ladies attempt to throw their first work party."
"Jennavecia fakes being sick to get out of going to a meeting with Craig. She quits her job. Cordelia misses her boyfriend and regrets her decision to break up with him. Meanwhile, a new roommate (Andrea) arrives."
"Jennavecia quits her job and must leave the house; Cordelia emerges as the new leader of the Party Girls."
"Hanna and Tanisha confront Neveen regarding her judgmental behavior. An ex-roommate badmouths Cordelia to Scott and Cordelia is looking for someone to blame."
"Cordelia and Andrea grow tighter, and their friendship just might progress to an interesting new level; the girls get slinky when they throw a lingerie bash"
"Household tension and cliquish abuse push Andrea to the breaking point. Elsewhere, Tanisha throws a slumber party in hopes of uniting the women"
"Drunken Cordelia becomes an emotional wreck and vocalizes her deep-seated \"ugly girl\" complex. Tensions continue to rise between Cordelia and Andrea, and Cordelia's past is revealed to the Hyenas, who use every opportunity to exploit it, forcing Cordelia to alienate the other girls. Andrea vents via an online blog that may come back to haunt her."
"Darlen takes her frustrations out on an annoying club patron. Cordelia decides to stop drinking and seeks help from her housemates."
"Andrea's boyfriend Josh visits the house and repulses all the girls, especially jealous Cordelia. When one of the girls leaves her MySpace blog unattended, the stage is set for a colossal confrontation."
"Andrea gets upset after the other girls give her a hard time for what she wrote in her diary and decides to leave the house. Meanwhile, the girls go out to a bar and get in a bar fight. Tanisha gets arrested."
"As the end of their \"bad girl\" reign draws nigh, the ladies decide that heavy-partying time is in order. But unforeseen dramas develop, and the women deal with one of their own behind bars."
"Tanisha is still angry with the other girls about her stay in jail. The girls all say a tearful good-bye at the airport."
"Star Jones hosts this reunion edition, in which the women reassemble to reflect on Season 2's dramas, tantrums and brawls and takes viewer questions."
Season 3 - Bad Girls Club
"Seven new Bad Girls break into their new home and waste no time ganging up on their least favorite roommate. The first night out proves to be a disaster when the girls get bounced from several clubs for their bad tempers."
"Kayla returns from the hospital with little to no memory of the events from the night before. Tiffany reaches her breaking point with Kayla and her wild antics and suddenly abandons her neutral position in the house. Meanwhile, tension builds between Ailea and Amber M. as Ailea grows tired of her rude comments towards Kevin. And a budding romance gets steamy between Amber B. and her new boy toy Greg until she discovers some of his lies he told her and secrets he kept from her."
"Whitney demands an apology from Kayla for her remark. Ailea and Tiffany watch, but when the girls start throwing things, they step in to break up the fight. Sarah and Amber B. commiserate at the pool about not being the hottest girls in LA. Then Amber B. gets a guy and rubs it in Sarah's face causing a rift. The girlfriends are shocked when they meet Ailea's Internet boyfriend. Kayla is rushed to the hospital after a drunken night at a strip club."
"Tiffany's friendship with Marcus becomes more serious, even though she has a boyfriend back home. The Bad Girls get their first job selling lingerie to people on the streets of Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Whitney's hard-nosed facade begins to crack in the wake of her friend's death. The two Amber's get attacked in the club, which results in an all out brawl between the bad girls and local club goers. Tension between Kayla and Amber M. reaches its breaking point, and it results in a nasty cat fight between the two, which ends with Kayla leaving the house."
"Amidst a growing division in the house, the Ambers play a prank on the other girls with the help of Bad Girls vet Tanisha. The girls go surfing, and Amber M. gets a little close with their instructor in the club restroom. Amber M's pranks take a toll on Whitney and ignites a confrontation in the limo. Guest stars: Season two's star Tanisha Thomas"
"The newest bad girl, Ashley puts the Fab Four on instant defense, but the Ambers jump at the opportunity to make an ally. Ailea hooks up with a local club goer, and fears the impact of a drunken mistake on her relationship with Kevin. New roommate Ashley joins the club."
"The girls descend upon Las Vegas, where gambling, partying, and wedding bells ripple through Sin City. A small joke by the Ambers strengthens the great divide in the club, and leads Ashley to question her allegiance to the blond duo. The girls band together to put on a sexy live stage show, living out the ultimate Fantasy in Sin City. Guest stars: Fantasy Girls, Carrot Top and Cris Judd."
"It's all out war when Ashley joins forces with the Fab Four and brings some explosive revelations about the Ambers with her, while Sarah gets serious with her relationship with Noah and decides to take an uncharacteristic approach to their relationship. The Fab Five become apart of bar brawl at a rock concert."
"As the dust settles from an explosive evening, the Ambers find themselves outcasts in their own home. Kayla makes a surprise return."
"The girls try to piece together the circumstances surrounding the street fight in Cancun, and come to terms with the reality that one of them may be sent packing for good after the local authorities intervene. Whitney and Ailea must leave the house."
"\"The Amber Show\" comes alive in Hollywood where the Ambers take a trip down memory lane exposing never-before-seen footage from the third season."
"The girls return from Mexico for their final days in the house. But the days don't end quietly as all hell breaks loose when Amber M. admits that she has a problem with Tiffany's closest male friend. Sarah admits to Noah that she was unfaithful in Cancun, while the girls are determined to make sure Amber B. stays away from Scott when she returns home."
"Perez Hilton host as The Ambers, Tiffany, Sarah, replacement roommate Ashley, and even expelled members Kayla, Ailea and Whitney reunite for the first time together since production wrapped five months ago."
"The girls return from Mexico for their final days in the house. But the days don't end quietly as all hell breaks loose when Amber M. admits that she has a problem with Tiffany's closest male friend. Sarah admits to Noah that she was unfaithful in Cancun, while the girls are determined to make sure Amber B. stays away from Scott when she returns home."
"Perez Hilton host as The Ambers, Tiffany, Sarah, replacement roommate Ashley, and even expelled members Kayla, Ailea and Whitney reunite for the first time together since production wrapped five months ago."
Season 4 - Bad Girls Club
"The Season 4 opener introduces seven new \"bad girls\"\u2014Annie, Flo, Kate, Kendra, Natalie, Portia and Amber\u2014who swoop in on a luxury Los Angeles mansion and try to coexist with one another."
"Self-proclaimed house leader Natalie is in for a rude awakening when the other Bad Girls won't bend to her ways, leading to an explosive battle that could send one of them packing. While the other girls resist various attempts at house dominance by Natalie, Kate quickly discovers her inner Bad Girl when she stands up to the house dictator. Kendra and Natalie's budding alliance is threatened when the two come to blows during an explosive argument."
"Flo unleashes her wrath upon the house when she is unexpectedly betrayed, while Kendra makes a shocking decision that rips the house in two."
"Portia's home life takes its toll, and she snaps when Natalie goes too far; Annie tries her luck at speed dating. Portia leaves the house."
"Newest bad girl Lexie arrives at the house and stumbles into a house divided where she is expected to choose sides; Natalie's relationship with Olamide takes a turn for the worst, leading her to set her sights on a new man."
"Kate's boyfriend Paul visits, bringing out the worst in Natalie, and prompting Kate to defend her man's honor; Flo's disapproval of Kendra's promiscuous lifestyle leads to a confrontation between the two."
"When Flo sets out to woo a woman, an appalled Amber's disapproval of Flo's same-sex desire ignites a fiery confrontation that might change the house dynamics for good. Meanwhile, the ladies pose for a photo shoot, and they reassemble with the baddest \"bad girl\"."
"Natalie lures Kate into an unlikely alliance, triggering an angry backlash from the rest of the house, specifically Kendra. Elsewhere, Annie becomes fed up with being walked all over and finally defends herself while developing a harder edge."
"Kate's relationship with Paul is doomed after she has a bisexual experience, while Natalie and Flo become fierce rivals."
"Flo's toxic attitude continues to alienate the girls, leading to the most shocking goodbye in Bad Girls history. Meanwhile, Natalie gains Amber's respect during a street brawl between Amber and a club patron. Amber's boyfriend visits, giving Amber a new sense of hope for their relationship."
"The ladies head to Santa Barbara for a girls' getaway and a respite from thorny mansion politics. But there's a collision course of egos and wills between Kendra and Natalie, resulting in a no-holds-barred street fight."
"The clip show highlights season four's dramas, and allows viewers to see what they didn't get to see on TV and also personal thoughts from the original eight bad girls about their season. Included in the special are never-before seen footage and extras that weren't showed on televison."
"No description"
Season 5 - Bad Girls Club
"Kristen and Lea turn against Danielle; unexpected company arrives"
"Christina crosses Lea and Kristen; Erica and Brandi attempt to control the new roommates."
Season 6 - Bad Girls Club
"A fight between Nikki and Jade ends up being to much to handle for Jade she decides to leave as she feels she doesn't belong in the house."
"Nikki's tantics rubs the house the wrong way. Meanwhile, an altercation between Nikki and Lauren results in a visit to the hospital."
"A new bad girl arrives at the house and stirs up trouble. Attention giver, Nikki strikes Char to her boiling point, trigger her to divide the house in order to kick Nikki out of the house for good."
"Ashely's unfinished business with the girls in the bar isn't over, when she and her friends heads home to confront her roommates."
"Char's and Lauren's friendship cease in the house when the two engage in an confrontation."
"A newbie roommate gets off to a bumpy start with tricky Nikki. Meanwhile, Lauren tries to get Char kicked out of the house, and three bad girls audition for Playboy."
"The girls go on air live with Dr. Drew.The girls go out to a club but Kori misbehaves and fights with a club goer with ultimately leads to one of the biggest fight of the season; Kori vs Ashley. Char's alliance crumbles after since she didn't help Kori."
"Trouble looms for Jennifer when nemeses Nikki and Lauren gain an unforeseen ally. Meanwhile, Jessica's hard-partying brother arrives at the house. Newbie Wilmarie makes a shocking entrance."
"Wilmarie and Nikki continue to provoke Jennifer when Nikki starts to pack Jennifer's stuff. Char goes on a date. Meanwhile Lauren and Jessica get into a fight."
"The girls attend a dodgeball game with 2 teams Nikki Lauren and Wilma vs Char Kori and Jessica. The girls go out and Nikki reveals she is on the hunt for a guido while Char and her minions go bowling. Wilmarie starts to drift away from Nikki after Nikki makes her cry. When Nikki continues to instigate drama, her and Wilmarie engage in an altercation in the limo"
"After the altercation in the limo the girls go to Mexico to cool off. Nikki ruins her friendship with Lauren and tries to get on Char's good side. Wilmarie and Nikki get into another fight which ends with one of them leaving the house for good."
"Nikki forms a surprising friendship with fellow leader of the house, Char. Which causes Wilma to strike back and fight getting one of the two kicked out. Lauren rebounds."
"All the bad girls of the season reunite for a glamour photo shoot."
"Perez Hilton hosts as the Season 6 cast reunites to discuss unfinished business, and the sparks continue to fly."
"Perez Hilton hosts as the Season 6 cast reunites to discuss unfinished business, and the sparks continue to fly."
Season 7 - Bad Girls Club
"\"The Bad Girls are back, but this time they're living large in New Orleans! Friendships quickly form among the housemates, but will these new bonds survive the first night out in the Big Easy?"
"Shelly leads the roommates in an attempt to push Judi out of the house while coming to terms with her girlfriend's deployment to Iraq. Judi reaches her breaking point."
"The house begins to split into two groups as Mardi Gras begins in New Orleans. Judi remains an easy target for the Bad Girl bullies but finds allies in Nastasia, Tiara and Angelic."
"Battle lines are officially drawn after an explosive clash between Nastasia and Shelly. Tasha finds flaws in Priscilla's potential suitor and offends Shelly with homophobic remarks."
"The girls escape house tensions by booking a suite on Bourbon St. for Mardi Gras weekend, but drama tags along when Shelly finds herself questioning who her true friends are."
"After her allegiance is questioned, Angie goes on the offense against her former besties, while Tasha and Tiara go head to weave over a guy."
"Angie's battle with her former BFF's turns into a nightmare after she and Shelly land in jail, while a new house trend of pranking has explosive consequences."
"With revenge on her mind, Nastasia attempts to track down the person who destroyed her contact lenses, while Judi sets her sights on a roommate to send packing."
"The roommates come to terms with the shocking consequence from Judi and Priscilla's fight."
"New girl Cheyenne pushes all the wrong buttons and alienates herself, while Judi\u2019s antics lead Nastasia and Shelly to call a shocking truce!"
"The girls head to Barbados; Judi's antics lead to a giant target placed on her head."
"Shelly plans a charity event; one of the girls is sent packing; Nastasia devises a plan to pay Shelly back for messing with her contacts."
"Nastasia settles the score with Shelly; Tiara is on a mission to get rid of Cheyenne; Shelly tells a shocking truth to Judi."
"Perez Hilton hosts the first part of a two-part reunion where the Bad Girls look back on their experience in the house, but not without some drama."
"Perez Hilton hosts the second part of a two-part reunion where the Bad Girls look back on their experience in the house, but not without some drama."
Season 8 - Bad Girls Club
"No description"
"The Bad Girls are back and they're better than ever! Meet the new girls and check out all the drama in the season premiere!"
"Battle lines in the house are drawn as two cliques form. Jenna's defense of her friend Amy ignites hatred among the other girls, leaving Jenna's head on the chopping block."
"Erica and the twins plot to force Jenna out of the house, resulting in an epic showdown. Demitra faces the fallout of switching sides."
"\"New girl Elease arrives to an icy reception. The 'Original 6' make a pact against Elease, while former Bad Girls Nastasia and Tiara return to stir up a bit of their own drama."
"Tired of the drama, several of the Bad Girls attempt to call a truce with Elease. Amy finds a new man and christens the Bad Girls house by cheating on her guy back home."
"An alliance begins to form in the house between Elease, Erica, Gia and Demitra while the twins remain hell-bent on sending Elease home."
"Erica reunites with the twins after the other roommates get under her skin. Mimi's budding friendship with Elease makes her a target."
"When the twins try to stir up trouble in the house, the plan backfires. From the desert to the sea, the Bad Girls head south to Cabo, Mexico!"
"After an epic showdown, the twins leave the house for good. The Bad Girls try to get Mimi to return to the house."
"Two new roommates arrive to a house united as one of them is quickly targeted as the weakest Bad Girl ever. Gia is torn between two men."
"Sickened by all the bad behavior, Mimi has a breakdown that makes Elease feel queasy. After a fight with her boo back home, Amy finds solace and a whole lot more in Camilla."
"As Camilla is not seeing eye-to-eye with her roommates, she battles it out to the end. Meanwhile, the other Bad Girls get emotional as they say goodbye and leave their mansion behind."
"The bad girls of Las Vegas reunite in L.A. to discuss the fights, arguments, and relationships they had while in the house."
"The bad girls of Las Vegas reunite in L.A. to discuss the fights, arguments, and relationships they had while in the house."
"No description"
Season 9 - Bad Girls Club
"The fireworks continue in the house as the rivalries heat up between Julie and Christina as well as Meghan and Rima. The girls gang up on Christina during a night at the bar."
"Mehgan\u2019s lingerie themed birthday party forces the girls to put their differences aside but after a spa day that leaves two of the girls home alone, the house becomes further divided."
"Rima endures three days of Erica\u2019s fury while Julie, Mehgan, and Falen execute their master plan to break up the Sad Girls, sending an unexpected housemate packing."
"The girls jet off to sunny La Paz for a vacation with new housemate Andrea. Christina\u2019s fiery temper targets Ashley, putting their friendship on thin ice and pushing Ashley to her breaking point."
"In the wake of her violent episode, Christina struggles to keep her temper in control as Rima pushes her to the edge. A disastrous visit from Andrea\u2019s boyfriend leads her to wonder if he\u2019s the right man for her."
"While Christina\u2019s departure takes the heat off the remaining Sad Girls, Julie and Falen begin to see Mehgan\u2019s true colors causing a rift in their clique. Rima ditches the drama with her boyfriend back at home in favor of a new man."
"Sensing her clique is turning on her, Mehgan decides to stand her ground and fight back. Meanwhile sexy new housemate, Zuly, arrives on the scene and ignites a night that will go down in Bad Girls history!"
"Andrea's bad attitude puts her in the other girls\u2019 crosshairs and Ashley steps up to the plate to teach her a lesson. Meanwhile Zuly looks no further than the Bad Girls Club for some much needed lovin\u2019."
"Andrea makes a failed attempt at winning the other girls back and gets in over her head. Meanwhile Ashley is determined to find Mr. Right but will she find him at the club?"
"The girls head stateside for their final Pink Kitty performance in Atlanta, but will the ATL greet them with open arms or closed fists?"
"Julie's heartbreak leads to a surprising twist in her relationship with Falen, while Rima finally chooses between Cabo boyfriend, Ricky J, and her on-again-off-again boyfriend from home, Anthony."
"Old wounds are opened when the girls are shocked to find their former roommates back at the house for a final, explosive photoshoot. Meanwhile, Falen and Julie grapple with their future after their steamy hookup."
"In part one of the reunion, the Season 9 girls reunite in sunny LA to hash out the drama that unfolded during the season but spitfire Andrea is particularly thirsty for revenge."
"Viewers will be in for more than a few surprises when the entire cast reunites in one room to talk about the most dramatic and scandalous moments of the season. Hot tempers and accusations fly as the \u2018Bad Girls\u2019 air out their dirty laundry and Mehgan gets ready to throw down against her ex-BFF\u2019s while Erika singles out one especially devious \u2018Bad Girl\u2019 as her target."
"In part three of the reunion, Rima and Mehgan consider burying the hatchet but when Julie and Falen receive an unwanted gift it leads to a final explosive \u2018Bad Girls\u2019 blowout. In addition, fans will be treated to a highly anticipated first look at season 10 of \u201cBad Girls Club\u201d Atlanta, premiering in early 2013 on Oxygen"
Season 10 - Bad Girls Club
"No description"
"A new set of Bad Girls arrive in the ATL to shake things up. All the while, Janae can't keep up with her new roommates."
"Janae gets under everyone's skin when she fails to let go of her insecurities. Also, a prank pulled by Shannon backfires."
"After watching the house bully Janae repeatedly, Nicole feels like she could be the new target. Meanwhile, Stephanie finds out her new ATL boo has been keeping a secret from her."
"Nikki is forced to choose whether to go home, or to fight for her place in the Bad Girls Club; Shannon questions her feelings for an old flame after his shocking behavior during his visit."
"New girl Rocky immediately flips the house upside down with her instigating ways, while Shannon\u2019s shady house guest leaves a storm of controversy in his wake."
"Jenniffer\u2019s boyfriend visits and attempts to extinguish her fiery temper, while Rocky decides to team up with Shannon after witnessing the other girls\u2019 flip-flopping ways."
"After being further ostracized from the house, Shannon finally decides to stand up for herself. The girls participate in a wild photo shoot with celebrity hairstylist Derek J."
"After being further ostracized from the house, Shannon finally decides to stand up for herself. The girls participate in a wild photo shoot with celebrity hairstylist Derek J."
"Valentina and Alicia zero in on Rocky as their target, but Shannon doesn\u2019t come to her rescue, leading Rocky to question where Shannon's allegiances lie."
"Valentina shakes up the house when she makes peace with \"Shanrock,\" and Alicia\u2019s best friend visits, only to end up spending some \u201cquality time\u201d with new girl Nancy."
"Alicia and Valentina make amends when they realize that Rocky is more deserving of their anger, while house gossip causes Nancy\u2019s temper to skyrocket."
"After her explosive blowout with Nancy, Rocky sets her sights on Alicia in order to teach her the true Bad Girl definition of jumping."
"The first annual Bad Girls Games takes place in Greece. Meanwhile, revenge is on Alicia's mind as she targets Rocky."
"Alicia's plan comes to fruition as she ties up some loose ends resulting in an all-out explosive battle."
"The ladies of Atlanta meet up in L.A. for one final blowout as Shannon seeks her revenge."
"Shannon goes toe-to-toe with the other ladies in an all-out fist fight. Meanwhile, Nancy and Stephanie's sexy hook-up becomes the main topic of discussion."
"Alicia is confronted by the other \"Bad\" Girls about her shocking exit. Elsewhere, a raging Nicky blows off steam by confronting an unexpected target, leading to a shocking showdown."
"No description"
"No description"
Season 11 - Bad Girls Club
"No description"
"Shanae's inner Bad Girl unleashes when Janelle gets under her skin. Meanwhile, Tiana tries to spark up a romance between her and Gina, which could have disastrous consequences."
"One Bad Girl is sent home after a fiery blow-out with Janelle."
"Shanae's rotten attitude drives the girls to their breaking point."
"Andrea loses control when she fears she is the next target; the girls throw the wildest pool party in Bad Girls Club history."
"Tempers flare when Hailey welcomes herself into the house."
"The girls plan a big surprise for Tiana's birthday; Jaz is ready to settle the score with Hailey once and for all."
"The girls head to LA to settle old scores; Jazmone chooses to address Janelle's controversial departure."
"Part 3 of the Season 11 Reunion"
"No description"
Season 12 - Bad Girls Club
"Seven new Bad Girls take the Windy City by storm, but one feisty roommate's sloppy antics may cause the first day in the house to be her last."
"Jonica's girlfriend arrives, leading Aysia to wonder where she fits in."
"No description"
Season 13 - Bad Girls Club
"Sarah and Judi unite and face off with their housemates, while an attempt at banding together for charity drives the girls further apart."
"A blowout between Rocky and Sarah creates chaos and tension in the house, leading Judi to lose her grip on reality."
"Meanwhile Camilla, Danni, and Sarah fly to Hawaii where Camilla's quest for change is once again obstructed by the disappearance of her personal belongings. The existing tension between former friends Danni and Julie reaches the boiling point."
"Parents arrive for a family weekend. Meanwhile, friction between Jada and Camilla reaches the breaking point."
"Family Weekend continues, as long-established issues surface. Meanwhile the passing of a friend impacts Camilla."
"Camilla tries to come clean about her past mistakes, yet she still stirs up house tensions. Meanwhile, Rocky bravely makes an admission to her father."
"The Bad Girls return to Los Angeles. But have these Bad Girls really changed or will their redemption be put to test when old feuds are reignited?"
"Sarah\u2019s frustration comes to a boil with explosive results. Things escalate in a flash when Jada and Camilla face off."
"Judi is surprised when she is confronted by Rima. Natalie and Redd divulge their true feelings about their former housemates. Life Coach Laura tries once again to help these Bad Girls see the good in themselves."
Season 14 - Bad Girls Club
"No description"
"Season 14 opens with newbie women moving into a Los Angeles mansion, meeting each other and quickly forming alliances. Here, a surprise seventh girl shocks and confuses the house, and one lady embarrasses everyone."
"Lauren reaches the boiling point due to Jela and the twins. In other events, Jasmine's insecurities emerge, leading both factions to wonder whose side she's on."
"The women try to draw out Kat's inner bad girl. Meanwhile, the twins celebrate their birthday with some \u201ccops\u201d, but weekend festivities take a sour turn when two bad girls have a blowout. After Lauren says the N word in the limo, Jela decides to take matters into her own hands leading to the first physical fight of the season."
"The twins' relationship with Jela begins to shatter. Meanwhile, Jasmine's birthday celebration leads to drama, and it dawns on Kat that she's become a target for bad-girl wrath. Shannon and Jasmine fight and the girls have their photo shoot with Oxygen. One bad girl gets kicked out by Jela's wrath."
"The ladies begin to bond, but old feuds and rivalries bubble to the surface when a new bad girl arrives. Meanwhile, Kat faces her insecurities."
"Jela and the twins lose their patience when the other girls decide to hold a s\u00e9ance at the house. Dealing with low self-esteem, Jasmine drowns her sorrows in male attention, and Life Coach Laura tries to give the girls some perspective."
"The twins and Jela have a historic final showdown with the other girls resulting in almost half the house being sent home. Lauren and Jenna pick up guys in order to alleviate Jasmine's guilt about her hookup, and two new roommates arrive."
"No description"
Season 15 - Bad Girls Club
"No description"
"When the cast arrives in Los Angeles, they are teamed with their sisters; the twins are treated as outsiders; a pair of sisters cannot stop bickering; a secret is revealed."
"Olivia reveals a huge secret putting her and Diamond at odds. Kristina seeks refuge from her sister\u2019s constant criticism, while Jaimee and Jazmyn struggle to escape the repercussions of their loud mouths."
Season 16 - Bad Girls Club
"The Season 16 cast returns to LA, Tanisha enlists the help of Social Media Maven, Erica Mena backstage. Archrivals Kaila and Kandyce face off on the reunion stage and Brynesha and Zee prove that in some cases time can't heal all wounds"
"Tanisha and Erica Mena are back for part two and The Bad Girls of Season 16 learn what happens when you cross our OG host. Kailie confronts her tormentors, Kaila and Tabatha, leading to an unexpected twist"
Season 17 - Bad Girls Club
"Kiyanna irritates her housemates with her flare for drama, testing her friendship with Keyaira. Meanwhile, alliances are forged when the subject of Susan\u2019s marriage comes to the fore, a development that forces Francesca to pick a side."
"Feeling betrayed by Kiyanna's budding friendship with Sayyora, Keyaira wages an all-out war against the duo. Deshayla struggles to set personal drama aside, while Seven's temper reaches its boiling point."
"Francesca takes a stand, but picks the wrong battle when Susan steps into her crosshairs. Fed up with Kiyanna's behavior, Seven and Kiyanna face off. Keyaira fine-tunes her focus, and lands a chance to record a song in a studio."
"Keyaira's temper is put to the test when Kiyanna hits below the belt. A new girl arrives and makes quick enemies when she chooses a side. Seven and Deshayla focus on their career goals."
"Francesca's disapproval of Briana's wild antics leads to an explosive night. Kiyanna sets up a romantic night of matchmaking for the girls."
"Keyaira urges Deshayla to assert herself more in the house. Outcasts Sayyora and Briana try to distract themselves with men and bucket list challenges, but Briana's fiery temper sparks another house blow-up."
"Francesca, Sayyora, Kiyanna and Briana find their way back to each other, but Sayyora's insecurities and dependence on alcohol raise concerns. Keyaira and Seven get a surprise that has the whole house celebrating."
"The Bad Girls take over Las Vegas! Seven and Keyaira turn up the club with their performances, but it's not long until unresolved issues between the cliques cause a Sin City showdown. Briana and Francesca finally solidify their bond"
"Keyaira and Seven question Deshayla's loyalty when she hangs out with the enemy. In a final push to win the most points for their coasts, the Bad Girls race to complete tasks to win the Bucket List Challenge."
"The Bad Girls from Season 17 are ready to reconcile their differences and settle old scores but are in for a surprise when someone decides to bail on the reunion. Seven and Kiyanna waste no time in picking up where they left off."