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The Beverly Hillbillies

A nouveau riche hillbilly family moves to Beverly Hills and shakes up the privileged society with their hayseed ways.

Duration: 25 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1962

IMDb: 7.1

Season 1 - The Beverly Hillbillies
26 Sep 1962
"Jed Clampett is told by a representative of an oil company that the swamp behind his shack is full of oil. (The oil company employee has been hauled in by Jed's daughter Elly May who asks ..."
"No description"
10 Oct 1962
"While Grannie boils pool water for washing (due to the \"lack of a pump\") and Ellie May gets a feminine make-over by Miss Hathaway, cousin Pearl is back at the cabin making eyes with the ..."
"No description"
24 Oct 1962
"Grannie prepares her special mash to help cure Mrs. Drysdale of her drinking problem while Jed does as Mr. Drysdale suggests and buys stock: cows, goats, pigs, and chickens! Meanwhile, Mrs...."
31 Oct 1962
"Grannie wants to go home because folks is so unfriendly no one has come to call. Jed convinces her they should call on them, and they find that people welcome them and give them all manner ..."
07 Nov 1962
"Ellie May starts wearing dresses but takes it as an insult when someone says she looks like a city girl. Mr. Drysdale talks Jed into taking in his butler and upstairs girl in a plan to ..."
14 Nov 1962
"Jed enrolls Jethro at an exclusive Beverly Hills elementary school. Millicent Schuyler-Potts, the proprietor of the school, is aghast when Jed and Jethro show up, convinced this is part of ..."
21 Nov 1962
"Mr. Drysdale convinces his self-absorbed stepson Sonny to date Elly May to Mrs. Drysdale's consternation, while Granny and Jed make preparations for Thanksgiving."
28 Nov 1962
"Sonny Drysdale decides he needs to be Pygmalion to Elly's Galatea and remake her from a hillbilly into a woman of society, while Granny uses love charms to heat up their relationship."
05 Dec 1962
"When Sonny Drysdale promises to give Elly May a ring, Granny thinks he's going to propose and becomes a matchmaker. Cousin Pearl can't stand the idea that Elly May will get married before ..."
12 Dec 1962
"Granny and the rest of the Clampetts start a feud with the Drysdales since Sonny courted Elly May and then stood her up when granny suggested marriage."
19 Dec 1962
"Jed, Ellie May, Jethro and Grannie take their first plane flight back home for Christmas to visit cousin Pearl, who is busy cooking up a feast to win Mr. Brewster's unwilling heart."
26 Dec 1962
"Back home for Christmas, Elly May bonds with her old animal friends, while Pearl plays the piano for the \"new\" movie in town (the silent version of Ben Hur) to impress Mr. Brewster."
02 Jan 1963
"Since Mr. Brewster doesn't want to get married, but since the whole county knows that Cousin Pearl had her hat set for him, Jed comes up with a plan for her to save face by having Mr. ..."
09 Jan 1963
"The Clampetts pack up to return to Beverly Hills, so Jethrine tries to pack Jazzbo Depew. Elly says goodbye to her animals. Back in Beverly Hills, Miss Hathaway dresses the vamp to meet ..."
16 Jan 1963
"Grannie and Cousin Pearl are at each other's throats over who's going to take care of cooking and the house, so Jed has to find ways to keep them apart."
23 Jan 1963
"Mrs Drysdale leaves for a health farm saying Mr. Drysdale is \"going to have a new wife,\" while Mr. Drysdale tells Cousin Pearl he'd like her to keep his house. However, the Clampett's think..."
30 Jan 1963
"When Pearl starts selling music lessons, Mrs. Drysdale complains about the noise to the police. Mrs. Drysdale also calls the dog catcher on Duke."
06 Feb 1963
"Flatt and Scruggs and their wives come to visit their old sweetheart, but Pearl thinks they're there to propose. Jethro throws a wingding for them and the boys play them some great music."
13 Feb 1963
"Granny can't stand Pearl's yodeling so she reports her to the police. When one of the officers takes Pearl out, Granny thinks she got Pearl in trouble and become sad and contrite. Meanwhile..."
20 Feb 1963
"Jed and Duke his dog are both down without a woman in their lives, until they see and pursue a French woman and her poodle that she brought to breed with Mrs. Drysdales dog. Meanwhile Mrs. ..."
27 Feb 1963
"Henry Jones shows up at the Clampett's, pretends to be an old friend and tries to sell the family the Hollywood Bowl, Griffith Park, and the freeway."
06 Mar 1963
"Drysdale hires Jed to be a banker when he needs a crack shot to help beat a rival banker in a skeet shooting competition, but his partner needs to be an employee."
13 Mar 1963
"Mrs. Drysdale wants to get rid of the Clampett's before the arrival of Mrs. Smith-Standish, the head of a 'first family' historical society. But Smith-Standish goes to the Clampett's first ..."
20 Mar 1963
"Mrs. Drysdale continues to be forced into doing \"practices from the past\" by Mrs. Smith-Standish, who discovers that Jed's family is possibly the first to come the country. If so they'd be famous worldwide, but does Jed want that?"
27 Mar 1963
"Miss Hathaway's brilliant-but-frumpy bank protegee Gloria is really a sultry gold-digger with eyes for Jed's $34 million, and Jed's just had his annual dose of Granny's spring tonic."
03 Apr 1963
"When an IRS agent gets chased away by Grannie, Mr. Drysdale tell him the story of how the Clampetts came to be rich and move to Beverly Hills."
10 Apr 1963
"Jed and Jethro go golfing with Leo Durocher, coach of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who wants to recruit Jethro as a pitcher when he sees how well he can throw."
17 Apr 1963
"Mlle. Denise comes back for the birth of her dog's puppies, and to see Jed. They do some \"courtin' and sparkin'\" Mrs. Drysdale isn't nearly so happy when she finds the puppies share more in..."
24 Apr 1963
"Jed arranges a party to get Grannie out of her doldrums and invites the Drysdale. But when Mr. Drysdale's boss comes and wants to meet them for dinner, he wonders if he's going to be sent ..."
01 May 1963
"When a couple who ran into the Clampett's car discover that they're rich, they fake injuries and sue the Clampetts."
08 May 1963
"Jethro needs a health certificate to graduate from the fifth grade, so he goes to the only doctor the Clampetts know about - Mrs. Drysdale's psychiatrist. He gets nowhere with Jethro, so ..."
15 May 1963
"Jethro finally gets his bill of health from Dr. Twombly so he can graduate the fifth grade, but Twombly really wants to talk to Grannie again. Drysdale brings him to the Clampetts' just as ..."
22 May 1963
"When Miss Hathaway gets sick and Mr. Drysdale has to speak at a conference, Jed decides helps out by running the bank and having Elly be his secretary, while Jethro finds a speech that ..."
29 May 1963
"Jethro brings home a friend, Armstrong Dueser McHugh III, who is coddled by a chauffeur who treats him as frail. The Clampetts know better, and show him a good time, friendship and family."
Season 2 - The Beverly Hillbillies
25 Sep 1963
"Jed cheers up Grannie by pretending to be sick so she can doctor him. Soon Drysdale and his doctor, Clyburn, are subject to her methods as well."
02 Oct 1963
"After Grannie cuts off the top of Drysdale and Clyburn's (his doctor) hair for some homegrown remedy, Clyburn tries to keep her from ever doctoring again. Meanwhile, the Clampetts are ..."
"No description"
16 Oct 1963
"Mrs. Drysdale recommends Elly for a high-brow finishing school in hopes that humiliating her will drive the Clampetts away; but instead Miss Hathaway convinces the girls at the school that ..."
23 Oct 1963
"Cynthia Fenwick makes her filthy rich mother dress in the \"Clampett Look\" when they visit the Clampetts, since she thinks Elly is a fashion maven. That only reinforces the Clampett's belief that the Fenwicks are poor."
30 Oct 1963
"Jethro decides he wants to go a courtin', so after Jed gives him a little education he finds a woman, who happens to be a stripper. As usual, neither she or the Clampetts know what the ..."
06 Nov 1963
"Jethro thinks he's in love with Chickadee Laverne, a stripper he met at the bank. She and the Clampetts have meet and have different ideas about what an \"engagement\" is, while Miss Hathaway tries to avert this disaster."
13 Nov 1963
"The Clampetts receive an overdraft from the bank intended for the deadbeat actor J.D. 'Jake' Clampett, while he gets their statement and starts to spend their money."
20 Nov 1963
"When Jake Clampett tells Jed he's his cousin, he's welcomed into the home and soon has everyone but Jed thinking about and dressing for a role in their next movie."
27 Nov 1963
"Thanksgiving has a hitch when Elly bonds with the thanksgiving turkey so the family can't bring themselves to kill it, while Mrs Drysdale hires some Indians to take a thanksgiving picture and it puts Granny on the warpath."
04 Dec 1963
"Mrs. Drysdale has a garden party and 'invites' the Clampetts by mistake. They end up back by their 'cement pond' to handle the 'overflow' from Mrs. Drysdale's party. A gun shot by Granny starts the real party."
11 Dec 1963
"Mr. Drysdale needs investors for his real estate development project, so he enlists the Widow Fenwick, and aims to cement the deal by hitching her to Jed Clampett, who is looking to find a mother for his daughter, Elly May."
18 Dec 1963
"The Clampetts decide to get a taste of culture to fit in the high-class society of Beverly Hills."
25 Dec 1963
"A Beverly Hills Christmas presents challenges for the Clampetts -- and for Mr. Drysdale, whose \"clever strategy\" for keeping the Clampetts in coastal California is to give them a number of ..."
01 Jan 1964
"Granny tries to find the perfect man for Elly May."
08 Jan 1964
"Granny takes on a kangaroo."
15 Jan 1964
"A father and daughter from back home come to Beverly Hills to meet Jed."
22 Jan 1964
"Lafe Crick comes back in another scheme to get rich off the Clampetts' wealth."
05 Feb 1964
"Elly May competes in a contest to determine \"The Queen of Beverly Hills.\""
12 Feb 1964
"Jed and Mr. Drysdale try matching Ellie with the bank's new CPA Fred Penrod (or Rod Fredpen) while Lafe continues to try to find where \"Jed has his money buried\"."
19 Feb 1964
"Lafe Crick tries some match making with his son Dub and Ellie. Jed has his reservations."
26 Feb 1964
"Mr. Drysdale tries to get the Clampetts interested in deep sea fishing by sending them to Sea World. Thinking that it's a fishing hole, Granny wants to \"catch the whale\"."
11 Mar 1964
"Dr Martin of the zoo keeps giving Ellie more critters than Granny can stand. While Jim Gardner (or Jim Garrrrr!) comes to sell \"bug vittles\" but ends up falling for Ellie."
18 Mar 1964
25 Mar 1964
"The Weather Bureau says their satellite predicts fair and clear. Granny's beetle says rain. The Weather Bureau meets the beetle."
01 Apr 1964
"It's tonic time in Beverly Hills. Granny's made a batch of tonic and sends a sample to their new neighbor, the Countess Maria. She loves it and throws a party to celebrate."
08 Apr 1964
"Mr. Drysdale is having a ground-breaking ceremony for a new bank building and the Clampetts think they need to pitch in to help build it. Meanwhile Mr. Drysdale's associates try to get stock market tips off of Jed."
15 Apr 1964
"The Clampetts get a big food package from home and Mr. Drysdale's two associates, Mr. Lucus and Mr. Pendleton, think that the crawdads have something to do with the development of military reconnaissance technology."
22 Apr 1964
"Mr. Drysdale has Jed buy a Beverly Hills dress store for an investment and the Clampetts show up to help \"the poor widow and her starving girls\"."
29 Apr 1964
"The Clampetts try to turn their newly acquired Beverly Hills dress boutique, The House of Renee, into a country store, The House of Granny."
06 May 1964
"Jed sends Ellie to the Beverly Hills dress boutique he used to own (now the House of Maurice) to learn how to be a lady, where Mrs. Drysdale mistakes her for royalty."
13 May 1964
"Mr. Drysdale wants Jed to incorporate for the tax advantages. So the Clampetts take over the top floor of the Commerce Bank and start doing what they can to stimulate the economy by getting more money into the hands of more people."
20 May 1964
"Granny's driving and Ellie's cooking makes a policeman and a cab driver think that the Clampett Mansion is a mental institution."
27 May 1964
"Mr. Drysdale get's Jed's old cabin from back home and sets it up in the Clampett's backyard to surprise Granny on her birthday. A coed with a sociology major thinks that they live there as the Drysdale's servants."
03 Jun 1964
"Mrs. Drysdale hires a demolition man to remove the Clampett's cabin. Mr. Drysdale decides to occupy the cabin so it can't be removed. The Clampetts think a \"home wrecker\" is breaking up the Drysdale's marriage."
10 Jun 1964
"Jethro's running late for his graduation ceremony despite his new watch. Mrs. Potts of Jethro's school is afraid that his attendance will jeopardize her chances for a new endowment. Cousin Bessie saves the day."
Season 3 - The Beverly Hillbillies
23 Sep 1964
"Mr. Drysdale buys Mammoth Pictures, a movie studio. Jed, Granny, Elly and Jethro try to \"help\" the studio, which is losing money, by working at the studio."
30 Sep 1964
"Mr. Drysdale tells the Clampetts that he is building a city on the location where Jed's movie studio is located. The Clampetts mistake a western prop town for the city."
07 Oct 1964
"The Clampetts decide to run the store on the empty studio Western set but can't understand why they don't have any customers."
14 Oct 1964
"The Clampets are still at the studio hoping their city prospers. Mr. Drysdale is still trying to tear the studio down for his building project. A famous hollywood columnist enlists Jed's help to save the studio."
21 Oct 1964
"Jed gets an honorary doctorate when he donates money to the college that Mr. Drysdale attended. Now the family thinks he can now practice medicine, which doesn't sit well with Granny."
"No description"
04 Nov 1964
11 Nov 1964
"An old friend from back in the hills is now an Elvis like singing idol. The Clampetts misunderstand the situation and decide to help Johnny get on his feet."
18 Nov 1964
"Johnny Poke's mother arrives from the Ozarks and Granny's matchmaking begins. Jed and Emma Poke come up with a plan to discourage her."
25 Nov 1964
09 Dec 1964
"Mr. Drysdale talks the butler into staying on, posing as a boarder, so that he can teach the Clampetts how to be more civilized."
16 Dec 1964
29 Dec 1964
13 Jan 1965
"A young actress becomes interested in Jethro when she finds out Jed owns a movie studio."
20 Jan 1965
"Elly May goes to Jed's studio to be in a movie and meet a potential husband."
27 Jan 1965
"Ellie May loses another suitor to Miss Jane in another case of mistaken identity."
03 Feb 1965
"After the Clampetts accidentally run into a beatnik he's moves into the Clampett mansion, but neither he nor they know what to make of each other."
17 Feb 1965
24 Feb 1965
03 Mar 1965
"Jethro sees a James Bond movie. Naturally he's very impressed & decides that this is his new calling in life. So he commissions himself double naught 10. And of course he needs a spy car ..."
10 Mar 1965
"Mr. Drysdale's biggest rival John Cushing succeeds in getting the Clampetts to transfer all of their money to his bank."
17 Mar 1965
"Mrs. Drydale's poodle Claude is to enter a dog show but gets sick right before. Granny offers to doctor the dog but Ellie Mae is concerned he doesn't know any tricks so she decides to help out with one of her own pets."
24 Mar 1965
"John Brewster, the oilman from Tulsa, is bringing his new bride to California for their honeymoon. Somehow the Clampetts get the idea that their backyard rustic cabin is the ideal place for the Brewsters to stay."
31 Mar 1965
"To cure Granny of her homesick blues Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs come to visit."
14 Apr 1965
21 Apr 1965
"Unbeknownst to Mr. Drysdale, beatnik Sheldon Epps pays another visit to the Clampetts, recruiting Jethro and Elly Mae."
28 Apr 1965
12 May 1965
"Leroy Lester, the timid bookkeeper at Mr. Drysdale's bank for 47 years, is being replaced by a computer and being forced into retirement..."
26 May 1965
02 Jun 1965
09 Jun 1965
16 Jun 1965
Season 4 - The Beverly Hillbillies
15 Sep 1965
"Mr. Drysdale tries to get Jed to buy a yacht and join the yacht club. As usual, a misunderstanding takes place, and the Navy gets involved."
22 Sep 1965
"Granny confuses Mrs. Drysdale's forays into astrology with the practice of black magic. An intended gift for Ellie Mae from Mr. Drysdale only adds to the confusion."
29 Sep 1965
06 Oct 1965
"Jethro, hearing that \"Double-Naught Seven\" is in the West Indies (a reference to the James Bond movie \"Thunderball,\" though this isn't specifically mentioned), wants to drive there to meet ..."
13 Oct 1965
"When the Clampetts decide they want to go home for Possum Day, Mr. Drysdale attempts putting together a Possum Day in Beverly Hills."
20 Oct 1965
"Granny wonders why Mrs. Drysdale hasn't started her campaign for Possum Queen. Unbeknownst to Mrs. Drysdale, Mr. Drysdale has plastered her limousine with \"Margaret Drysdale for Possum ..."
03 Nov 1965
10 Nov 1965
"The Clampetts mistakenly think a neigibor's servants are the actual owners and Granny tries her best to set Jed up with the maid."
17 Nov 1965
24 Nov 1965
01 Dec 1965
"Mr. Farquar, Mrs. Drysdale's father comes for a visit. When he's alone with Drysdale, he reveals he's broke. It seems on his way over, he passed through Las Vegas and lost his whole fortune..."
08 Dec 1965
15 Dec 1965
29 Dec 1965
"When Mr. Drysdale is unhappy with Dr. Clyburn's treatment of his cold the Clampetts hear about it. Granny decides it's time to set up practice and enlists the rest of her family to help. She also claims a cure for the common cold."
05 Jan 1966
12 Jan 1966
19 Jan 1966
26 Jan 1966
"There's a cat burglar in Beverly Hills! Elly Mae is determined to keep her kittys safe, so she sets traps for the thief while Jethro decides to play private eye..."
02 Feb 1966
09 Feb 1966
16 Feb 1966
23 Feb 1966
"A shady magician sells his wares to the gullible Jethro."
02 Mar 1966
"Jed thinks Granny needs help in cleaning the mansion but she believes it's because he wants to put her in a retirement home. So Granny is ready to head to the hills with her money which Mr. Drysdale is desperate to avoid."
16 Mar 1966
"Musicians Flatt and Scruggs, old friends of the Clampetts, visit with their glamorous wives. Banjo music is performed, Gladys sings a song and Granny teaches her to cook. Jethro adapts the truck to avoid traffic."
23 Mar 1966
30 Mar 1966
"Drysdale, at first irate that beautiful actress Bergstrom is kept on an expensive stipend without making a film, is smitten at first sight and so places the actress in the Clampett home to learn backwoods accents and ways for a movie."
06 Apr 1966
13 Apr 1966
"Granny remains eager to get Elly to the altar and decides Professor Biddle, Miss Jane's friend, will do. Mr. Drysdale blackmails Dash into asking the Clampett lass for a date. The meek birdwatcher and the handsome actor are soon at odds."
20 Apr 1966
18 May 1966
Season 5 - The Beverly Hillbillies
14 Sep 1966
21 Sep 1966
"Granny despairs of Elly Mae ever finding a husband and decides to promote her non-existent cooking skills. She is entered into a TV show cook off but nothing she fixes is edible."
28 Sep 1966
"Jethro is in love with Susie, the carhop waitress at the local burger drive-in, but Susie keeps rejecting his advances..."
05 Oct 1966
12 Oct 1966
"Jethro decides to sophisticate Emaline but she has bigger plans for blackmailing Mr. Drysdale with her cuckoo clock camera. The colonel continues to woo Granny. The two swindlers though haven't met someone as sharp as Jed."
19 Oct 1966
"Jethro is chopping wood while a chimpanzee named May Bell watches. He wishes that he could teach May Bell to chop wood. When Elly May comes by, she and Jethro talk and decide that they want a gorilla."
26 Oct 1966
"The Clampetts miss Herbie and ask Mr. Drysdale to get the tame gorilla back. The banker promises to help but actually hinders the effort."
02 Nov 1966
09 Nov 1966
"Granny wins free lessons from a supposedly acclaimed dance school."
16 Nov 1966
"Jed takes a job on the board of directors of O.K. Oil Company."
23 Nov 1966
30 Nov 1966
"Gloria Swanson and Drysdale are doing some business which involves her selling her house and some of her possessions and donating the proceeds to charity and she's moving East. When the ..."
07 Dec 1966
"Jethro is so desperate to meet a woman that when Miss Hathaway's bird watching group arrives, he goes out of his way to try to impress the women."
14 Dec 1966
"Flatt and Scruggs are visiting to film a TV commercial for a detergent. Commodore Ratterman thinks the Clampett authenticity would help sell the soap. He doesn't count on their honesty or Jethro's incompetence as a director."
21 Dec 1966
"In order to buy Mrs. Drysdale a special Christmas present, the Clampetts take seasonal jobs in a department store."
28 Dec 1966
"Granny discovers Martians next door at the Drysdale mansion."
04 Jan 1967
"Amos Wentworth Hogg, Mayor of Bug Tussle, travels to Beverly Hills to visit the Clampetts with hopes of raising money to cover an embezzlement debt. The Clampetts, however, believe he has eyes for Granny."
11 Jan 1967
"Granny decides to take her share of the Clampett millions and move back home."
18 Jan 1967
"Jed and Granny decide to donate the burden of their millions to some college students and move back home."
01 Feb 1967
"When Crowfoot Indians come to Beverly Hills to discuss a boundary dispute at the Clampett oil field, Granny prepares for war."
08 Feb 1967
"Jethro goes to a computer dating service, and Granny follows to find a date for Jed."
15 Feb 1967
22 Feb 1967
01 Mar 1967
08 Mar 1967
"No description"
22 Mar 1967
29 Mar 1967
12 Apr 1967
12 Apr 1967
"Mrs. Drysdale's dahlias spark a feud with the Clampett's when Margaret Drysdale accuses Granny of theft."
Season 6 - The Beverly Hillbillies
06 Sep 1967
"Jed Clampett has inherited a castle in the English countryside. Jethro insists that everyone, except Granny, wear the royal raiment's of Elizabeth (the First, of course)."
13 Sep 1967
20 Sep 1967
18 Oct 1967
25 Oct 1967
01 Nov 1967
"Jed thinks he is buying Granny some farmland but when she finds out it's a cemetery plot, she is sure the family wants to get rid of her."
08 Nov 1967
15 Nov 1967
22 Nov 1967
29 Nov 1967
06 Dec 1967
13 Dec 1967
20 Dec 1967
27 Dec 1967
03 Jan 1968
10 Jan 1968
17 Jan 1968
24 Jan 1968
31 Jan 1968
07 Feb 1968
"The episode starts out with a surprise party for Granny by the rest of the Clampett gang. It turns out..."
21 Feb 1968
06 Mar 1968
"Granny confuses a soap opera with real life and decides her doctoring can save Dr. Rex Goodbody from a terminal illness."
13 Mar 1968
"Granny is on the warpath concerning the chaos caused by Ellie's critters and declares either they go or she does. Mr. Drysdale is equally irritated by the expense of his wife's poodle. Jed tries to find a solution."
20 Mar 1968
27 Mar 1968
"Mr. Drysdale wants to film a Super Banker commercial with the old Clampett cabin before they became wealthy. The shack's return has his wife unhappy and an accident has Granny preparing a head transplant for Mr. Drysdale."
03 Apr 1968
Season 7 - The Beverly Hillbillies
"No description"
02 Oct 1968
09 Oct 1968
"The Clampetts fly to London to give the Queen the deed to Canada they purchased. Waiting for an appointment with the Queen they stay at Clampett castle, where Granny is thinks they are at war with a neighboring castle."
"No description"
23 Oct 1968
"In an attempt to get the Clampetts to move back to California, Mr. Drysdale tells Granny about the spirit of Lady Clementine. Her husband was murdered in the Clampett castle. Lady ..."
31 Oct 1968
"After the Clampetts return from London, Granny gets a letter from Hooterville asking her to help with Betty's Jo Elliot's baby."
"No description"
13 Nov 1968
"Granny and the Italian chef compete to see who will cook for the family."
20 Nov 1968
"Jethro and Elly dress up in Bonnie and Clyde costumes and end up scaring Mr. Drysdale; to get back at them, Mr. Drysdale dresses up as a bank robber but gets caught."
27 Nov 1968
"The Clampetts spend Thanksgiving in Hooterville."
04 Dec 1968
"Mr. Drysdale casts Dash Riprock as Homer Noodleman, a potential new lover for Elly May."
11 Dec 1968
"Jethro wants a new identity with replacement of their old truck with a modern hot rod. Granny wants to stay with the old truck. To prove how good the old truck is Granny races Jethro in his hot rod."
25 Dec 1968
"The Clampetts return to Hooterville to celebrate Christmas. Mr. Drysdale, convinced that Mr. Clampett intends to move all of his money to Mr. Drucker's bank, drives to Hooterville to stop him."
"No description"
08 Jan 1969
22 Jan 1969
29 Jan 1969
"Jethro agrees to take on cousin Roy as a client but then he changes everything that made the banjo player likeable. Granny, Jed, and Ellie are dismayed but a hit record happens in spite of Jethro."
05 Feb 1969
12 Feb 1969
19 Feb 1969
26 Feb 1969
05 Mar 1969
12 Mar 1969
19 Mar 1969
Season 8 - The Beverly Hillbillies
24 Sep 1969
01 Oct 1969
08 Oct 1969
"The Clampets travel back to the hills to attend the Silver Dollar Fair. Granny and Elverna Bradshaw compete to find mates for their kin."
15 Oct 1969
22 Oct 1969
"The family begins to make plans for Elly May's upcoming wedding to Matthew, but Mr. Drysdale finds himself preoccupied during the entire matter by the prospects that the wedding will lead him to lose his biggest account."
29 Oct 1969
05 Nov 1969
12 Nov 1969
19 Nov 1969
26 Nov 1969
"Shorty Kellems comes to Beverly Hills for a visit. Mr. Drysdale misunderstands a conversation and mistakenly believes Shorty is wealthier than Jed, and begins to indulge him in every way possible to win his account."
03 Dec 1969
10 Dec 1969
17 Dec 1969
"Mrs. Drysdale's nephew leaves the Air Force."
24 Dec 1969
31 Dec 1969
"Jethro comes to Hooterville in a general's uniform."
07 Jan 1970
"The Clampetts are rumored to be merging their interests with a rich tycoon."
14 Jan 1970
21 Jan 1970
28 Jan 1970
04 Feb 1970
11 Feb 1970
18 Feb 1970
25 Feb 1970
04 Mar 1970
11 Mar 1970
Season 9 - The Beverly Hillbillies
15 Sep 1970
29 Sep 1970
06 Oct 1970
13 Oct 1970
"Ellie continues dating Navy man Mark over Granny's objections who is convinced he is part frog. While Jed tries to keep Mark from eating his daughter's cooking Granny works to find a cure for his amphibious ways."
27 Oct 1970
"Granny is desperate to keep Mark from being a frog so he can eventually marry Ellie. She heads to the bank in the belief that if Miss Jane will kiss the frog it will return to human. Jane refers her to psychiatrist Dr. Klingner."
10 Nov 1970
"Granny goes to extreme measures to keep Ellie from Mark who she's convinced is turning the family into frogs. Mark tells Jed more about his naval duties especially about harvesting food from the sea."
17 Nov 1970
24 Nov 1970
"Mark shows Granny and the rest of the family a film about his navy job to help her understand his frogman activities. She remains unconvinced. Mr. Drysdale is alarmed that Jed wants to invest millions in underwater farms."
01 Dec 1970
24 Nov 1970
"Granny and Mr. Drysdale are desperate for different reasons. Granny hopes if Mark tastes Ellie's cooking he will leave. Mr. Drysdale dresses as a Revolutionary War general to keep Jed from investing in Mark's ocean project."
01 Dec 1970
05 Jan 1971
12 Jan 1971
19 Jan 1971
26 Jan 1971
16 Feb 1971
23 Feb 1971
"No description"
09 Mar 1971
16 Mar 1971
"Unemployed actor Dick Bremerkamp expands his repertoire of guises, as he works his way into the Clampett fortune."
23 Mar 1971
"The final show of the series. Elly May's intended husband may win out in marrying her for the money. Hathaway tries expose his plan to Drysdale,Granny & Jed. Jethro may wed as well but may or may not return to California."