Thunderbirds Are Go

In the future, the Tracy family run a private mechanized emergency response service.

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 6.9

Season 1 - Thunderbirds Are Go
"A powerful seaquake turns a busy day for International Rescue into a perilous one. Lady Penelope helps Thunderbirds find who put seismic destabilisers on the sea bed."
"As the team continue their quest to save the researched, Lady Penelope is on the trail of their adversary."
"Alan is on space junk duty, when one of the pieces of debris turns out to be a heat-seeking SAT-MINE that activates and locks onto TB3's heat signature. Back on Earth, Lady Penelope and Parker implement a plan to sneak into a top-secret storage facility."
"Thunderbird 5 picks up an unusual radiation spike from a remote corner of Africa, and Scott rushes in with Thunderbird 1 to check it out. Using special equipment, Scott enters the mine and discovers the source to be a leak of unstable uranium. Moments later he is attacked by a mysterious woman who claims that the mine belongs to her family. During their confrontation, the mine begins to crumble - and Scott and she must find a way out."
"Kayo is riding aboard Fireflash, a supersonic airliner invented by Brains, but she is unaware that its controls have been tampered with. International Rescue notices the plane has vanished from their monitors and attempt to locate it. Kayo realises that the plane is flying in the wrong direction, and manages to avoid a powerful gas attack that has knocked out both passengers and crew."
"An anti-technology group calling themselves The Luddites power up an electromagnetic pulse device underneath London, crippling everything that uses electricity. The result is a near catastrophe as the entire city shuts down. Virgil and Grandma Tracy must find and disable the device - with the help of Lady Penelope and Parker."
"A strange malfunction occurs on a high-speed train in Japan, leaving it out of control and unable to stop. Brains comes up with a plan to fix the problem before a disastrous crash occurs - the only problem is that he will have to board the speeding engine himself to pull it off. Scott manages to get the genius on board, where they find the problem is more complicated than they thought."
"A series of cascading equipment failures leads John to realise that rogue A.I. has gained control of Thunderbird 5. The programme is sending false monitor images to Tracy Island to deceive the other brothers. John finally gets through to Lady Penelope and informs her of the situation. Once the other brothers figure out what is going on, Alan is despatched in Thunderbird 3 to rescue John."
"A malfunction at a mining operation sends an asteroid careening towards the sun, endangering crewman Ned Tedford. Alan and Kayo deploy Thunderbird 3 for the rescue mission, but a rogue solar flare knocks out their sensors. They land near the mine, and must find a way to alter the asteroid's trajectory so that it slingshots around the sun instead of crashing into it."
"Lady Penelope, Parker and Gordon visit the Amazon desert, where an archaeologist shows them round an ancient temple. When they all become trapped inside, the academic refuses to let them call for help, fearing for his reputation - so the trio of heroes must put their wits to the task of finding an escape route."
"International Rescue scrambles all the flight-capable Thunderbirds to rescue the crew of CIR.R.U.S, a high-atmosphere weather station, now in danger due to the arrival of a fierce storm. TB1, TB2 and TB3 are quickly crippled by the conditions, and the only hope of salvaging the mission lies with TB5 - and John's ability to mount his most daring rescue ever."
"A giant heavy metal extraction plant, moving along the Pacific seabed and collecting toxic waste, has a sudden compartment fire, leaving it out of control and heading for a undersea chasm. Thunderbird 2 is dispatched with Thunderbird 4 to effect the rescue of the only crewman, Ned Tedford once again, and make safe the toxic waste it is carrying. Lady Penelope, meanwhile, investigates the company that owns the extraction plant, when both John and Gordon suspect the owner was more concerned for the cargo, than the crew, and soon has trouble from the Hood."
"Brains and Alan visit the Quantum Research Center, adjacent to New Geneva in Switzerland, to see the Supreme Hadron Collider switched on. Disaster strikes when the collider is switched on, creating a gravity well. A satellite is sucked down into downtown New Geneva, and International Rescue is mobilised when an aircraft and the World Wide Space Station are drawn into the gravity well, threatening the city. The only craft that can withstand the gravitational pressure is Thunderbird 4, used out of its normal undersea environment."
"The Estrella Grand is a self-constructing luxury hotel, designed by Brains, which orbits around Earth. The hotel suffers a mysterious hull breach that will not repair itself causing it to begin to fall to earth. Thunderbirds 2 and 3 are launched to rescue the guests including Lady Penelope and Parker. Kayo flies with Thunderbird 3 to board the hotel in search of a saboteur.\n\nNote: This episode is a homage to the original Thunderbirds episode, Ricochet (satellite crashing to Earth)."
"Concerns arise when a meteor shower is projected to hit the decommissioned Shadow Alpha One moon base, and attempts at contacting the lone crew member, Captain Lee Taylor, are unsuccessful. Scott and Alan take Thunderbird 3 on a rescue mission and Scott boards the base and finds Taylor attempting to maintain the base and it's defence system against meteors. After initial attempts to defend the base, against continuing waves of meteors, Scott and Taylor are forced to abandon the base to meet Thunderbird 3 at a rendezvous on the moon's surface that itself is threatened by the meteor shower. Guest Star: Rich Hall as Captain Lee Taylor."
"Virgil attempts to rescue a mining crew trapped inside a glacier, but the scientist in charge of the project refuses to leave."
"International Rescue are dispatched to save one of their own when the Hood traps Lady Penelope and Parker inside an underwater hyper-train loop during a high-stakes robbery."
"A seismologist and his son alert the authorities to the presence of a rogue wildcat mining operation, only for the machinery to trigger an earthquake that swallows the equipment - along with the father and son. Gordon must attempt a daring underground rescue of the boy and his injured father, while Virgil has to find a way to shut down the out-of-control rig."
"A scientist accidentally locks herself inside a vault which is being used to store unstable matter. There is only one person who has successfully broken into a vault like this - Parker. Colonel Casey of the GDF recruits Parker for the job, but the safe cracker ends up locking himself and Lady Penelope inside as well. Virgil and Scott transport the vault to an isolated area on Thunderbird 2, where Parker and Penelope must try and free themselves and the scientist before the anti-matter explodes.\n\nNote: This episode is a homage to the original Thunderbirds episode, Vault of Death"
"Halley's Comet is passing close to Earth. Businessman Francois Lemaire, on an ego trip sending live pictures back to earth, with his unimpressed wife Melanie on board his space yacht the Solar Wind. They fly into the comet's tail and the ship is damaged losing communications. John in Thunderbird 5 monitoring the situation despatches Thunderbird 3 with Alan and Scott to look for survivors. Alan is particularly excited to be going to Halley's comet."
"Lady Penelope's Great Aunt Sylvia visits Creighton-Ward Manor for afternoon tea, but has something important to discuss...\n\nGuest Star: Sylvia Anderson as Great Aunt Sylvia."
"During a joint operation between International Rescue and the Global Defence Force, a series of mishaps nearly ends in disaster. In the wake of the botched mission, Colonel Martin Janus takes over the GDF..."
"A facility known as CATCH, from where all air traffic in North America is controlled is sabotaged and Scott and Virgil handle a rescue mission involving a mid-air plane collision while Kayo infiltrates the facility using Thunderbird Shadow. Kayo discovers that this is a diversion and part of a much bigger plan by the Hood. Disregarding Scott and John's instructions regarding International Rescue's mission to save people and not act as policemen she puts herself in danger and is saved by an unlikely source."
"An undercover operation involving Lady Penelope and a Parker to recover a stolen Repulser Magnetic Array for the Global Defence Force gets blown prematurely. Parker is taken prisoner by Banino using the power of the Repulser and he takes a stolen GDF flyer with Kayo, who was secretly acting as back-up, in pursuit in Thunderbird Shadow. The flyer crash lands on a factory roof and International Rescue intervene with Scott in Thunderbird 1 rescuing one of the factory workers and Lady Penelope saving Parker. Kayo confronts Banino to find he knows her secret; she lets him escape knowing she will have to reveal the truth of her past."
Season 2 - Thunderbirds Are Go
"A geological survey team gets trapped when a huge earth-breaking vehicle, controlled by a villain known only as the Mechanic, causes them to fall into a narrow crevice. As International Rescue mobilise, Lady Penelope and Parker visit the Hood in Parkmoor Scrubs prison to find out more about this mysterious new villain."
"A distress call from an interstellar ship called EDEN leads Alan and John to explore the wreckage. There they find space pirates and mysterious spider-like robots known as Builder Bots."
"Thunderbirds 3 and 4 are need on Europa, one of Jupiter's moon, when a pair of documentarians fall into an ice ocean. This leads Alan to make first contact with an alien lifeform."
"A family becomes trapped in a city that is being overtaken by rising ocean tides."
"When a transport ship carrying colonists heads straight into the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, Thunderbird 3 is deployed to regain control."
"Gordon ventures deep into the Marianas trench to rescue a survey team, and ends up discovering an early International Rescue prototype vehicle once flown by Jeff Tracy. Gordon takes Thunderbird 4 down to save the crew and get a better look at the prototype. But the survey ship, designed by The Mechanic, transforms and wrecks Thunderbird 4. Gordon is forced to abandon ship and seek refuge on his dad\u2019s TV-21 plane. To save the survey crew, Gordon powers up the plane and manages to take it up to the surface."
"After the Mechanic flees the scene with the TV-21, Scott is in hot pursuit. But, when the villain steals some volatile iridium, Brains must make drastic alterations to Thunderbird 3 to save the day."
"When seismic activity near the coast of Greece reveals the lost city of Atlantis, two scientists venture below the depths to explore the area. But when their submarine becomes stuck, International Rescue are called out to assist."
"A comet brought into the Earth's orbit takes a wrong turn. International Rescue must intervene to stop it from colliding with the planet - and the space station between them."
"International Rescue race to prevent Francois Lemaire's pleasure balloon from crashing into New Zealand's Southern Alps."
"The team travels to Langstrom Fischler's newest invention to stop a hive of malfunctioning weather drones."
"The Tracys receive a distress call from the crew of a cargo zeppelin. A giant loading claw malfunctioned and has started attacking anything that moves. Thunderbird 1, 2, and Shadow launch out in an attempt to land the ship safely. But the zeppelin contains a dangerous fuel source and there are still crew members trapped near the loading claw. Scott makes it to the cockpit of the zeppelin while Virgil begins to offload the fuel source. Kayo puts on a mech suit to deal with the loading claw while the crew escape. Ultimately, they put the zeppelin down outside city limits and escape just before it explodes."
"A mysterious tunnelling vehicle leaves a worker trapped in its wake and it is up to Gordon and Virgil to free him. Meanwhile, Parker and Penelope track down the digger and discover an old foe at the controls."
"Disasters around the globe leave only Brains free to investigate when Dr. Quentin Questa makes his annual claim that an Icelandic volcano is about to erupt."
"International Rescue have to stop the failure of a dam when The Mechanic sabotages it, but he is not the only threat they will face."
"Lady Penelope and Parker must deal with a malfunctioning orbital power platform whilst Scott, Virgil and Gordon try to rescue the crew of a plane damaged by the platform's output."
"When Buddy and Ellie Pendergast go missing filming their latest episode in a hidden valley in South America Scott and Gordon must rescue them whilst being attacked by mutated lizards."
23 Feb 2018
"Virgil and Grandma are shopping for supplies when two distress calls arise. Since they are nearest, Virgil sees to the workers of a collapsed mine while Grandma rescues a local merchant."
23 Feb 2018
"International Rescue come to assist when an atmospheric cleaning device goes haywire, trapping crew inside. While the Tracy brothers work on freeing the crew, Parker goes solo and squares off against a figure from his past."
23 Feb 2018
"While attending a gala with Lady Penelope, John must save the day when the Hood strikes and blocks all communications. Meanwhile, Gordon and Alan take John's place aboard the TB5, only to deal with a stubborn Eos."
23 Feb 2018
"Whilst testing new equipment at the family ranch, a series of equipment failures occur when the Tracys have to rescue an intruding reporter."
"In London the Crystal Spire, the tallest building in the world, catches fire due to an electrical overload and the local firefighters are rendered helpless. Virgil and Alan are called to extinguish the flames and rescue everyone trapped inside."
"An emergency space docking goes wrong and the core of the orbiting Spacehub transit terminal goes into meltdown. A young traffic controller named Conrad is trapped inside and Alan is unable to reach him. With Thunderbird 3 being used to keep Conrad alive International Rescue's only hope is to modify Thunderbird 2 for space flight in order to transport a new cooling system to the hub."
23 Feb 2018
"The world's tallest building catches fire and the local firefighters are helpless. International Rescue must put out the fire and rescue everyone inside."
"When the first run of an inventor's newly-constructed hyperloop begins to malfunction, Scott must try to find a way to slow down the fast-moving ride."
"When disaster strikes International Rescue answers the call! The Mechanic, having completed Project Sentinel, sets his sights on destroying The Hood. While International Rescue scramble to save their former foe, Brains goes on a dangerous mission to stop the Mechanic once and for all."
Season 3 - Thunderbirds Are Go
"International Rescue have to deal with The Hood's \"Chaos Crew\", who are causing trouble across the world. Meanwhile the GDF deploy a fleet of robot rescue drones that threaten to put the Traceys out of business."
"The efficiency of the GDF's drones leaves International Rescue with nothing to do - until The Chaos Crew gain control of the fleet."
"Virgil and Gordon are dispatched when a transporter carrying volatile cargo is hijacked by Fuse."
"The Gray and Houseman mining operation now includes planet Mercury - it uses a moving vehicle that stays on the 'dark side' of the planet."
"The Chaos Crew interrupt the pleasant and quite life of Ned Tedford to steal the orchard growth serum inside the highly secure Global Seed Vault."
"On Mars a landslide traps Captain Taylor and a scientist in a cavern. Alan and Virgil fly to the red planet and assist with the aid of Thunderbird 3 and a specialised Exo-Pod. However, circumstances in the cave lead Virgil to eject the air in his suit, leaving our heroes short on air inside a leaking cave."
"Lady Penelope and Parker complete in a desert motor race with FAB1 and a racer named Jensen Hunt. All seems well until the Chaos Crew steal an experimental New engine from the leading BR2 vehicle."
"When two space freighters crash in low-earth orbit, Alan and John must evacuate the hotheaded pilots from a dangerous debris field."
"When gas from a dangerous hydromethane reserve begins to leak, Virgil and Gordon team up with a retired well-capping specialist to plug the leak. Gordon soon discovers the Chaos Crew syphoning off fuel - and moves to stop them."
"When two scientists notice a huge section of coral reef bleaching from acidic waters, Gordon launches in Thunderbird 4 to discover the cause. Under the water, he finds a sunken cargo ship containing dangerous acidic materials."
"Kayo, with the help of a futuristic game creator that only talks like a wizard, must play through a futuristic holo-game called Cavern Quest to stop The Chaos Crew from stealing a powerful piece of technology."
"IR receives a distress call from the Calypso, a space vessel returning from a long mission. Scott and Virgil get aboard the plummeting ship and locate the disoriented crew along with an old robot named Braman, who sent the original distress call."
"Gordon travels in Thunderbird 4 to recover Braman but discovers that the Chaos Crew have gotten to the robot first. An underwater battle ensues and both Thunderbird 4 and Gordon are harmed."
"Through the use of archive footage, Brains informs the team of a discovery, but in order to gather more information, our heroes split into groups and search for an escape pod missing since Jeff Tracy's crash."
"The chase is on and Kayo and Alan work quickly to re-capture Thunderbird 3 from Havoc. Meanwhile, Scott's efforts to extract the escape pod run into additional complications."
"A young GDF guard gets trapped inside a radioactive, and possibly haunted, nuclear facility. Scott goes in to assist, with help from GDF Lieutenant Marion Van Arkle."
"Lady Penelope, Parker and Sherbert answer a distress call from Parker's old acquaintances - Light Fingered Fred and Gomez. The distress turns out to be a ruse."
"When a popular vlogger gets trapped during an avalanche, International Rescue must find a way to carefully dig him out."
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