The lives of the residents living in a city apartment block in Sydney.

Genre: Drama

Director: Jo Porter

Country: Australia

Duration: 43 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 7.8

Season 1 - Wonderland
"Everybody gathers as a wedding is about to take place."
"With the napkin treaty signed, Tom's resolve is put to a stronger test when Miranda asks if she can move in. Will his attraction to her lead to trouble?"
"Tom and Miranda share a moment that will change their relationship forever, Colette reveals something to Rob that promises to shake their marriage and Maggie ends up on the wrong side of the law after meeting her Mother."
"Colette's lover is confronted by Rob in a violent rage. Carlos wants Grace to make their relationship public. Maggie is attempting to keep her DUI secret from Warwick."
"Tom\u2019s father has a shock for the rest of his family. Grace questions her independence after Carlos surprises her."
"Miranda starts to become aware of her increasing attraction towards Tom. Grace attempts to set dome boundaries for her relationship."
"Grace quizzes Carlos after she thionks that he has had a one night stand. Miranda decides to start dating again."
"Tom decides that he needs to be tell Miranda what happened. Rob finds Colette cheating again. Carlos faces deportation following a car crash."
"Miranda ends up receiving a shock visit from her former fiance. Maggie comes to a drastic decision about her marriage."
"Colette finds out that she is going to have a baby. Dani is given a hard lesson about Steve's fears with children."
"Colette ends up realising that her marriage troubles aren't over just yet. Dani and Steve get some bad news from Dani's father. Tom decides to start dating again but cannot forget about his feelings for Miranda."
"Grace is forced to think again about her views after she hears a revelation from Carlos. Rob and Colette have different ideas about it comes to their wedding."
"Rob sees Colette with The Barista just before they are due to have their vow renewals. Steve reveals the bet to Miranda, who then confronts Tom. Carlos tells Grace that he loves her who then panics."
"No description"
Season 2 - Wonderland
"Colette is left feeling stunned after Rob changes his online status to separated. Miranda and Tom clash over a bet. Maggie makes a new male friend."
"Rob drags Tom out to a nightclub, determined to meet a girl; Carlos is jealous of Grace's new male colleague; Miranda is intrigued by Tom's romantic past; Dani puts her job on the line."
"Grace finds herself in the middle of a jealous Carlos and charming Nick. Tom attempts to sort things out with Miranda."
"Rob helps a friend and finds a way to help himself, Miranda and Tom's argument leads to them sharing a special connection, and Grace tries to keep Nick at arm's length."
"When Miranda has a hot fantasy about Tom she tries to put some distance between them; Maggies is shocked to hear there is a rival for Warwick's affection; Colette and Rob both try to move on."
"Tom's attempts to solve his father's problems might just cause more issues; news about Carlos prompts Grace to jump to the next stage with Nick; Dani keeps secrets for her troubled step-sister."
"Tom's chain of one-night stands is a sore point for Miranda ? but what's really going on? Colette's happiness leaves Rob feeling lonelier than ever; Grace gets a glimpse of Nick's dark side."
"Tom and Miranda plan a romantic interlude. will fate finally be on their side? Grace plays mum to Nick's little girl; an accident at Rob's work sees his relationship with Colette turn a new corner."
"Tom is ready to start a new chapter just as Miranda's best friend Ava arrives; Grace discovers the truth about Nick; Steve has a surprise for Dani that could change their lives."
"Colette and Carlos return from Brazil with a massive secret. A mysterious new tenant shows up."
"Miranda discovers Tom and Ava's secret - but can flirtatious Max cheer her up? Dani and Steve's romantic reunion takes an unexpected turn. Will Carlos give in to temptation with Felicity?"
"Miranda is enjoying her new connection with Max but Tom is suspicious. Carlos puts his visa in jeopardy whilst Rob's dilemma could end up making or breaking his reunion with Colette."
"Could a blast from Tom's past ruin everything with Ava? Grace is shocked to learn Carlos' secret, and smitten Miranda ignores her friends' concerns about Max."
"Steve and Miranda's dad Callan comes for a visit that stirs up the past, Grace offers Carlos a chance to fix his legal problems, and Tom seeks answers from Sasha."
"Max angers Miranda when his article puts her friends in danger, Tom puts his relationship with Ava at risk, and Grace finds a drastic way to save Carlos - but can she go through with it?"
Season 3 - Wonderland
"Tom's late night decision leaves him on thin ice; Callan's efforts to bond with Steve result in a brush with death; Dani uncovers plans for a secret wedding but there's an even bigger shock in store."
"With his unhealthy passion for Sasha reignited, will Tom close himself off to Miranda? Carlos tries to do the right thing by Grace. Dani surprises Steve in Singapore but walks into a surprise of her own."
"Tom learns a shocking truth about his parents' history with Sasha; Distressed Maggie falls into the comforting arms of Callan; Miranda stumbles across a secret Max has been hiding."
"Sparks fly when Grace meets an old flame but can she tell him the truth about her marriage? When Sasha demands he tell her his secrets, Tom drops a bombshell about one of his friends."
"Miranda's attempt to help Tom sees the gloves come off between her and Sasha, Grace nurses Carlos through a mystery illness, and Warwick makes a surprise visit to guilty Maggie."
"Colette is devastated when Jade reveals she is having Rob's baby, Callan returns to fight for Maggie, and Grace must confess to her parents that she secretly married Carlos."
"Tom considers going into business with Sasha, Dani learns of her mother's separation and questions her own marriage, and Maggie's flat becomes crowded when Warwick invites a new lady friend over."
"Collette is home alone when Jade returns to her door with severe labour pains. Can she help Jade through this traumatic moment? Meanwhile, Carlos and Miranda do their best to cover up their kiss."
"Colette questions whether Rob is the baby's father - will he agree to a paternity test? Miranda agrees to work with Max again but when things get dangerous, Max makes an unexpected declaration."
"On a night out with the girls Sasha crosses paths with someone who knows about her secret past. Meanwhile, Jade confesses she got pregnant on purpose causing a furious Rob to demand a paternity test."
"A jealous Warwick starts a fight with Callan that ends in the emergency room. Colette catches Rob lying to her and Tom is gearing up to pop a question that will stun everyone."
"Unaware of her explosive secret, Tom pushes Sasha to set the date. Carlos sets high expectations for him and Grace but will he be let down? Collette feels the pressure of the baby's arrival."
"In the lead up to Tom and Sasha's wedding, an innocent night out with friends leads to fights, saucy games, a steamy affair and the ultimate betrayal."
"Miranda discovers a secret that could destroy any chance of a reunion between Sasha and Tom. Meanwhile, Colette is rushed to hospital with an emergency that threatens her pregnancy."
"Sasha reappears and tells Tom the truth about her dark past. Meanwhile, Miranda's life is put in danger as she finally discovers the man she loves has been leading a double life."
"It is the day of the wedding and Sasha is faced with the dilemma of a lifetime. Miranda also has a hard decision to make? will she reveal her true feelings towards Tom before it is too late?"